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About Molly

Growing up, art has always been a major focus of my life. Whether I was writing prose fiction about lonely, talking wolves, taking photos of my little brother to create a construction-paper magazine, playing and inventing songs on the piano, or putting on puppet shows and ballet performances in my living room, I had endless drive to make and tell stories.

I soon fell in love with music and dance classes, and performing with community theatre and chorus. My studies lead me to focus on theatre, dance, music, and circus arts, studying and practicing everywhere from my livingroom to the college classroom.

Professional life has involved performing in musical theatre, film work, writing musicals, touring in children's theatre, teaching music lessons at multiple levels in multiple countries, building sets and other theatre tech work, performing in circus and nightlife settings, and everything in between.

I still believe in the power and influence of art to connect, inspire, invigorate, and release. I love being a part of that process.

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